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Discovering Your Core Values

Once you have taken your leap, and have a product or service to sell, it’s time to begin the process of building your business. In Entrepreneurial Leap, I address the

How Do I Start Being an Entrepreneur?

subscribe on youtube How do you start your journey as an entrepreneur? Truth be told, there isn’t this one way, or perfect path to take. The journey is different for

Are You A “Partner Person”?

A vital decision to make when taking your entrepreneurial leap is deciding whether you’re going to have a partner or not.  Some entrepreneurs desire partners, and some don’t. Both work.

Things that Change and Don’t Change As an entrepreneur, you have to be able to recognize the things that change and the things that don’t change within the entrepreneurial world. By being able to recognize

Solve Big Problems, See Big Success

Discipline # 3: The Bigger the Problem You Solve in the World, the More Successful You Will Be In Entrepreneurial Leap I teach 8 disciplines to increase your odds of success.

How Can Entrepreneurs Avoid Losing Focus One of the common mistakes outlined in Entrepreneurial Leap is not having a vision. But, what about having too many visions?  You will find that the more successful you become, the

Answer 3 Questions to Discover Your Passion

subscribe on youtube There’s an entire chapter in Entrepreneurial Leap dedicated to finding your passion, because it’s so important. If I were to teach one thing it would be you’ve