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How to Find an Entrepreneurial Mentor

In Entrepreneurial LEAP, I share my experience with my two mentors: my dad, Floyd Wickman, and Sam Cupp, two very successful entrepreneurs. My mentoring relationship with my dad, which changed

How to Find Your Passion

Once you’ve decided to take the leap to start your own business, your success will largely depend on whether or not your business is centered around something you are deeply

How to Prepare for Entrepreneurship

Subscribe on Youtube Ellyn Davidson, the CEO of Brogan & Partners, discusses how to prepare to be an entrepreneurial business owner. Business owners are often financially dependent on a steady

Cultivating Your Mentor Relationship

Once you’ve found your mentor, it is imperative that you cultivate that relationship. My dad was a mentor not only to me but also to many others, including Terri Sjodin,

How Did You Find Your First Mentor In the coming weeks and months we will be featuring interviews of successful entrepreneurs who were once starting out and in your shoes. We’d like you to meet Shelly

When Should a Visionary Hire an Integrator? In the third section of Entrepreneurial Leap called “Path”, I teach the 9 stages of growing your business. One of those stages is making the conscious choice as to when you

The Importance of Asking for Help In full disclosure, I struggled asking for help in the early stages of my entrepreneurial journey, seeing it as a sign of weakness. I eventually learned that I was

Why Entrepreneurs Should Do What They Love “Do what you love and the money will follow.” In this week’s video Leap Lesson, we discuss the importance of starting a business around something you love. If you’re