Master a Powerful Tool to Grow Your Business to the Next Level

Is Your Vision Clear?

Early-stage entrepreneurs often struggle to form and communicate a clear vision. How much is a lack of focus costing you? Have you experienced aimless growth that is wasting resources and causing missed opportunities for long-term business success?

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business With a Clear Vision

Attain Crystal-Clear Clarity

A clear vision provides a sense of focus and direction for your business, helping you align your efforts and make purposeful decisions.

Gain Unwavering Confidence

Simplify and streamline your decision making process to help you evaluate options and choose the ones that align with your long-term objectives. As the business landscape evolves, you can adjust your strategies while staying true to your overarching vision.

Effectively Communicate Your Purpose & Values

Communicate your business’s purpose, values, and aspirations clearly to attract like-minded individuals, build a strong team, and foster better collaboration and alignment.

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Ryan Henry


Ryan Henry is a co-founder and the Visionary behind Entrepreneurial Leap. He is driven by his unwavering passion to help entrepreneurs succeed. Rooted in his personal experiences growing up in an entrepreneurial family and actively participating in their businesses, Ryan’s dedication to entrepreneurial success knows no bounds.

Having embarked on his own journey of starting, failing, learning, and ultimately succeeding in business ventures from a young age, Ryan has cultivated a wealth of first-hand knowledge. This deep well of experience equips him to empower other entrepreneurs to increase their chances of achieving remarkable success.

Ryan understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, having navigated and triumphed over numerous hurdles throughout his own journey. His life’s mission is to share his insights and wisdom, ensuring that emerging entrepreneurs can build the businesses of their dreams.

Through his work with Entrepreneurial Leap and the Entrepreneurial Leap Academy, Ryan is an inspirational guide for early-stage entrepreneurs, offering them the practical tools and support needed to transform their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.