Category: 8 Disciplines for Success

Are You A “Partner Person”?

A vital decision to make when taking your entrepreneurial leap is deciding whether you’re going to have a partner or not.  Some entrepreneurs desire partners, and some don’t. Both work.

Solve Big Problems, See Big Success

Discipline # 3: The Bigger the Problem You Solve in the World, the More Successful You Will Be In Entrepreneurial Leap I teach 8 disciplines to increase your odds of success.

8 Essential Elements to Successfully Launch a Company In chapter 14 of Entrepreneurial Leap I discuss eight key disciplines that will make the difference between succeeding or failing once you take your leap. The first discipline is to clarify

How To Clarify Your Vision

You have finally reached the point of taking your leap. The time frame between when you confirm that you are an entrepreneur-in-the-making and when you discover the business you want

Take Criticism and Doubt with a Grain of Salt

If you’re an entrepreneur-in-the-making, you have lots of ideas. Those ideas will often be met with criticism and doubt. In my new book, Entrepreneurial Leap, I teach the eight disciplines