In chapter 14 of Entrepreneurial Leap I discuss eight key disciplines that will make the difference between succeeding or failing once you take your leap. The first discipline is to clarify your vision. It is imperative that you capture your vision in writing. While it is highly unlikely you will need a detailed business plan at this stage, you must have a clear vision in writing.

Documenting your vision is a matter of answering a handful of vital questions. I’ve developed eight questions you’ll need to answer in order to clarify your vision, and compiled them in an easy-to-use tool called the MyVision Clarifier.

By answering these questions, you will create clarity for yourself and others, which is the first step toward bringing your business idea to fruition.

Watch the video to learn the eight questions, then visit the Free Tools section of my website to begin your journey today by downloading and completing the MyVision Clarifier.