8 Disciplines to Increase Your Odds of Entrepreneurial Success

The time frame between when you confirm that you are an entrepreneur-in-the-making and when you discover the business you want to start will vary. For some, it is instant. For others, years. It’s never too late to take your leap.

Assuming you have an idea that you believe has value and are ready to bring it to the world, adopting eight specific disciplines will increase your odds of succeeding. There is no one way to take your leap and no perfect set of steps. Yet, this handful of disciplines will serve you well and increase your odds of success.

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Eight Disciplines to Increase Your Odds of Success

  1. Clarify Your Vision
  2. Decide if You’re a Partner Person
  3. Know that the Bigger the Problem You Solve in the World, the More Successful You Will Be
  4. Get Feedback from Customers and Clients Early and Often
  5. Always Have a Plan B
  6. Work Hard, Really Hard
  7. Take Criticism and Doubt with a Grain of Salt
  8. See It Every Night

It might be helpful to keep these disciplines close by as a constant reminder on your entrepreneurial journey. Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee success. You may still fail. Just make sure that if you fail, you fail forward and try again.

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