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Becoming an entrepreneur is a dream for many people. But the first question you should ask is: 

Do you have what it takes?

Gino Wickman joins John Corcoran to discuss his new book, Entrepreneurial Leap: Do You Have What It Takes To Become An Entrepreneur?, how he started EOS, and the six essential traits of an entrepreneur.

In this episode, Gino and John also talk about:

  • How Gino developed EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System)
  • The family business was deep in debt when Gino inherited it
  • Some people should not be entrepreneurs
  • The definition of an entrepreneur
  • The differences between being self-employed and being an entrepreneur
  • The six essential traits of an entrepreneur
  • Sometimes it is risky to not be an entrepreneur
  • What happens when you lack one of the traits
  • Why Gino’s father made him sell $5 million worth of real estate before joining the family business
  • Who Gino thanks for his success

We’d like to thank John Corcoran for inviting Gino to share his passion for helping entrepreneurs-in-the-making.

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