Many people dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Dreams don’t go very far, though. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Really hard. You must have the ability to roll with the inevitable punches, or you’ll get knocked out. 

There are many reasons why new entrepreneurs fail. Perhaps you don’t possess the six essential traits necessary to face the fears and obstacles that accompany every entrepreneurial journey.

I asked entrepreneur, Steven Carse, founder and CEO of King of Pops, to share his fears as a new start-up and how he overcame them. 

Once a new entrepreneur starts hiring other people, the consequences of failure become even greater. Steven explains how he overcame his fear of failure and learned to be more confident in himself.

Steven also discusses the benefits of having his brother as a business partner and how he’s learned to recognize the unique value his business has to offer the world.

Sharing stories and encouragement is a great way to help new entrepreneurs conquer the hurdles and hardships along their path. Watch now to find the inspiration to face your fears head on.