CEO of Sachse Construction, Todd Sachse, discusses his entrepreneurial leap, the steps it took to get there, and the lessons he learned along the way.

For Todd, entrepreneurship has always come naturally. He believes that certain skills associated with entrepreneurship can be taught, but not entrepreneurship itself. Even as a kid, he earned his spending money by selling candy at school. At around 16 years old, he made his entrance into the cleaning business where he would stay until he was 27. By his late 20s, Todd realized how much he disliked the cleaning industry and, through a series of events, started his dream company in the construction industry.

While fear of failure is always a motivating factor, Todd notes that his naivety starting out was his greatest strength because he never faltered in his hard work. Todd also talks about the lessons he learned throughout his journey, his luck in finding four mentors, and the biggest struggles on his first job.

Watch the video to learn more about Todd’s entrepreneurial journey, the importance of knowing the business you’re built for, and how to identify the industry you’re drawn to when starting your business.