There are plenty of “gurus” out there telling you the “secret sauce” to help anyone and everyone reach their dream of becoming an entrepreneur. And frankly, these claims bother me. Entrepreneurship doesn’t care how badly you want to be an entrepreneur. There are no handouts or freebies. That’s why only a small percentage of the population is cut out for it.

The fact is, becoming an entrepreneur requires more than just a great idea. Becoming an entrepreneur requires having vision, passion, drive, a willingness to take risks, responsibility, and excellent problem solving skills.

If you are missing even one of these six essential traits, it will be very challenging, if not excruciating, for you to take the journey toward entrepreneurship.

Imagine someone who wants to be a professional singer – the next big thing – but can’t carry a tune. It doesn’t matter if they have the exact steps toward stardom laid out before them, they will be met with heartache again and again throughout their journey. Watch any of the televised singing competition tryouts, it’s heartbreaking to hear a failed contestant say, “But this is my dream.”

True entrepreneurs don’t chase becoming an entrepreneur. They instead chase their ideas and dreams, and work hard to make them a reality. And as a by-product, they’re considered entrepreneurs.

So, understand that if you don’t have the fundamental traits required, it’s okay not to become an entrepreneur. I’ll never become a doctor, lawyer, police officer, paramedic, politician, or accountant, because I don’t have those essential traits. It’s critical for you to be honest about your abilities.

The definition of an entrepreneur is someone who sees a need or an opportunity, and then takes a risk to start a business to fulfill it.

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