Virtual Leap Workshop Directory

The Virtual Leap Workshop is a 3-week, three 90-minute session workshop, led by a successful entrepreneur. Join a group of like-minded individuals for an invigorating 15 days that pushes entrepreneurs-in-the-making to move forward and take action.

The best steps you can take in the early stages of taking a leap to build your business are all about action, moving forward, gaining knowledge and experiences. The Virtual Leap Workshop is designed to guide you through the three most important tools in Entrepreneurial Leap:

  1. Entrepreneur-in-the-MakingAssessment
  2. MyBiz Match
  3. MyVision Clarifier

If you know you have what it takes, know the best business that you’re built for, and you have a clear vision of who, what, where and how you’re going to get there, you will ultimately start a better start-up.  

Upcoming Workshops

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