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What If Your Child Is Potentially an Entrepreneur? If you believe that your child, or somebody close to you, might be an entrepreneur, there are two things you should do: First, confirm that they are a true entrepreneur-in-the-making

Can an Entrepreneur Start a Lifestyle Business?

Subscribe While on Stephan Spencer’s podcast “Get Yourself Optimized,” Gino is asked the question, “Can an entrepreneur start a lifestyle business?” Gino explains what he calls ‘The Entrepreneurial Range.’ Although

Will Your Business Survive the Next Generation? Are you an entrepreneur who is ready to pass the family business torch down to the next generation? Or are you the second or third-generation entrepreneur waiting to inherit

Can Anyone Become an Entrepreneur? There are plenty of “gurus” out there telling you the “secret sauce” to help anyone and everyone reach their dream of becoming an entrepreneur. And frankly, these claims bother me.

A Deeper Dive Into The Visionary Trait

The first of the six essential traits we discuss in Entrepreneurial Leap is “visionary”. This trait is sometimes hard to understand because it’s so broad, or you simply may not