The Importance of Staying True to Your Core Business

In Entrepreneurial Leap, I share the eight mistakes that most entrepreneurs make when starting their business. These are the eight reasons most entrepreneurs end up living an entrepreneurial nightmare.

For the sake of this message, I want to help you avoid mistake #6, not staying true to your core.

Not Staying True to Your Core

Every business has a core. Your job is to clearly figure out what yours is as soon as possible. Your business’s core is a combination of what you’re great at doing and what you’re absolutely passionate about.

Staying true to your core means having laser focus on achieving your goal before introducing other aspects into your business.

Your job is to make sure that every system, person, and process in your business is designed and aligned to drive that core focus with absolute consistency. And to not get distracted by all the shiny stuff that could inevitably pull you away from your core, diluting focus, and creating chaos and complexity.

Next Steps

To determine the core of your business take a few minutes right now to complete the MyVision Clarifier. Then share it with your team to be sure you’re all rowing in the same direction.