One of the common mistakes outlined in Entrepreneurial Leap is not having a vision. But, what about having too many visions? 

You will find that the more successful you become, the more opportunities will come your way. As this happens, you need to avoid chasing after what I call “shiny stuff”. It’s imperative that you focus on the sweet spot of your business and become masterful at saying no.

Say your goal is to build a 5 million dollar business. If you can go do 5 million dollars in that sweet spot, why would you look anywhere else?

Know what you’re good at. Stay in your lane.

Your initial plan will change, probably 6 times in the first three years. Clarifying your vision will help you determine the difference between making necessary adjustments and chasing shiny objects that can slow your progress.


How To Clarify Your Vision

You have finally reached the point of taking your leap. The time frame between when you confirm that you are an entrepreneur-in-the-making and when you discover the business you want

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