So, You Think You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

Do you think you might be an entrepreneur-in-the-making? 

Have you thought about starting your own business? 

Do you struggle with finding the answers and creating a plan? 

Do you feel stuck, unclear, uncertain?

I wrote Entrepreneurial Leap to help any entrepreneur-in-the-making confirm that taking the entrepreneurial leap is right for them, and assuming it is, to give them a huge jump-start when starting their own business.

Over the last 30 years I have worked with entrepreneurs who are years ahead from where you are now, helping them get what they want from their businesses. There is not one ounce of theory in what I’m teaching. It all comes from real world experiences.  Now I want to share those experiences with you as you set off on your path, to help you expedite your journey toward entrepreneurship and greatly increase your odds of success.

Sculpting Your Future

Entrepreneurial Leap acts as a sculptor, chiseling away the unnecessary marble (e.g. the confusion, unnecessary information, murky teachings and non-essentials). Therefore, creating clarity as to what your life will look like as an entrepreneur. 

It takes you on an emotional, psychological, philosophical, soul-searching journey of self-discovery that is custom designed for you as a potential entrepreneur. 

For the entrepreneur-in-the-making, Entrepreneurial Leap is like a filter, litmus test or crystal ball. Just as Michelangelo saw the sculpture in the block of marble, you will see your own future-self. 

How To Get Started on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

There is no better time to take this journey of discovery. Buy Entrepreneurial Leap and take the first step. 

Consider Entrepreneurial Leap, and the free resources available to you, a course in “pre-entrepreneurship”, just as doctors have pre-med and attorneys have pre-law. This book is meant to be read, studied and worked through. It is an experience. 

Once you’ve purchased and read the book, stick around to take advantage of all the free tools I’ve created to accompany you on your path. 

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There has never been a better time for you to find out if taking the entrepreneurial leap is right for you. 

Also, For Anyone Who Is Passionate About Helping Future Entrepreneurs

If you’re a teacher, professor, parent, family member, or mentor, you have come to the right place! The mission of Entrepreneurial Leap is to help 1,000,000 entrepreneurs-in-the-making over the next 10 years get a huge jumpstart when taking their entrepreneurial leap.

If you know someone who is an entrepreneur-in-the-making, you owe it to them to give them this gift. Here’s how you can join the cause:

  1. Send them a copy of Entrepreneurial Leap
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  3. Learn how to become a Collaborator

Be sure to take advantage of my weekly Leap Lessons, and subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on the variety of content available to our valued supporters.

Stay focused,