Become a Collaborator

The Entrepreneurial Leap mission is to impact one million entrepreneurs-in-the-making over the next ten years and to help give them a huge jump-start on taking their entrepreneurial leap.

The business model is to work with collaborators to help your cause and to make you even more of a hero to your audience. 

A collaborator is any organization or individual who is helping, teaching and guiding entrepreneurs-in-the-making. As a collaborator, I give you all of my content and tools for free, and in return I ask that you give credit where credit is due and make your audience aware of the book.

The content and tools available to you are as follows:

The criteria for a collaborator is that you:

  1. Believe in the philosophy 
    • You are born with the 6 essential traits of an entrepreneur
    • Being an entrepreneur is not something you do, it’s something you are
    • The 6 essential traits can’t be taught, they’re nature over nurture
  2. Are passionate about helping entrepreneurs 
  3. Are focused on helping entrepreneurs-in-the-making
  1. Have a built-in audience
  2. Want/need content
  3. Will give credit where credit is due (comfortable using someone else’s content, no white labeling)
  4. Value good, down to earth, real, everyday people
  5. Have an abundance based mindset (open source)

Think you might be a great collaborator? Schedule a call with our Collaborator Coordinator.

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