This is my passionate plea.
Take the challenge. Or share the challenge.

Odds are you’re social distancing right now and you’ve got some time on your hands. You might be laid off from work. You might be home from school. You might be 15 years old, 25 years old, you might be 55 years old. 

How would you like to emerge from all of this, an entrepreneur?

There’s no question these are scary and uncertain times. Truth is, these are the times that spawn new, great entrepreneurs.

I’ve watched this happen for 30 years now in business. We’ve helped almost 100,000 companies, entrepreneurs, build great organizations, and many of them started their businesses in tough times like this. 

Right now the world needs more entrepreneurs, innovators, visionaries to solve the challenges ahead of us and you might be one of those entrepreneurs. If you think you’re an entrepreneur-in-the-making, I invite you to take the challenge.

It’s called the 16 Day Entrepreneurial Leap Challenge and it works like this: 

I offer a free tool in the Entrepreneurial Leap toolbox called the Leap Journal. Assuming you’ve read or listened to Entrepreneurial Leap and you think that you might be an entrepreneur-in-the-making, I urge you to take the challenge. 

The next step is to download and follow the instructions in the Leap Journal. Over the next 16 days, follow those instructions each day. It’s a 30 minute a day commitment that will help you deepen your resolve, your clarity, and your certainty that you are an entrepreneur-in-the-making and you’re ready to take your entrepreneurial leap.

I am hopeful that it will give you a lightbulb moment and you will solve the next big challenge for us, because there are plenty to solve right now.

To begin, go to and download the Leap Journal from the free tools section of the website. Enjoy the challenge, and I wish you tremendous success.