For the first five years of creating the Entrepreneurial Operating System, I worked tirelessly. I obsessed every minute of every day honing, refining, and testing hundreds of ideas and options. I delivered over 500 full-day sessions in those years, with entrepreneurs and their leadership teams, until I perfected the model. Until they loved it. Until I changed their lives.

Success is Not Made in One AHA Moment

One of my unique abilities is that after seeing a lot of data points, I notice patterns and trends. So, over 5 years I kept listening to the problems of entrepreneurs, and I would do what I called “pulling levers”. I would listen to all their problems, then try to remedy each one of those problems with various tools, from books that I read or things I would create. 

I call it pulling levers because, in its most primal sense, when I pulled a lever and they smiled, it worked and it was good. If they frowned, it didn’t work and it was bad. Picture pulling this lever 10,000 times over 5 years in 500 sessions. The ones that got the good result were the handful of tools that would make the biggest impact, and eventually lead to what I created in the EOS model.

I threw myself out there knowing there was a need, and figured it out.

Stay focused.