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When Should I Hire an Integrator?

Almost twenty years ago, I made the discovery that most true entrepreneurs (visionaries) must be counterbalanced with an “Integrator.” If you have all six essential entrepreneurial traits, then it’s almost

When Should a Visionary Hire an Integrator? In the third section of Entrepreneurial Leap called “Path”, I teach the 9 stages of growing your business. One of those stages is making the conscious choice as to when you

Discovering Your Core Values

Once you have taken your leap, and have a product or service to sell, it’s time to begin the process of building your business. In Entrepreneurial Leap, I address the

The 9 Steps to Building a Great Business

subscribe on youtube How do you build a successful company faster, with less problems? Follow the steps outlined in the above video. The 9 stages are applicable to any business. The