In Entrepreneurial Leap, you will get a glimpse into what your life could look like if you pursue your natural-born ability through a number of stories from successful entrepreneurs.

In today’s video we take a closer look into the entrepreneurial journey of Jay Feldman, CEO of Feldman Automotive Group. He shares more about the beginning phase of his entrepreneurial leap and how he overcame the risk factor involved in growing his business.

After partnering with his father on several dealership locations, Jay Feldman decided to go out on his own in 1995. At the time, he questioned his choices and worried about the amount of money he was spending to take his entrepreneurial leap. Remembering advice he was given to do something daily that scares you, Jay took the leap.

Jay truly believes that it is impossible for entrepreneurs to become successful without taking risks. His biggest advice for entrepreneurs looking to take their leap is to take the risk, but also understand their business and hire the best people they can to assist their endeavors.