When Did You Realize You Were an Entrepreneur?


In Entrepreneurial Leap, I discuss the six essential traits of an entrepreneur. You are either born with these traits, or not. Often times, entrepreneurs-in-the-making exhibit these traits in one form or another their entire life.

In this week’s interview, I asked Shawn Stafford, the Founder, and CEO of RESSCO, when did you realize you were an entrepreneur?

Shawn didn’t realize he was an entrepreneur until his adult life. Like many, he didn’t grow up surrounded by entrepreneurs, and was raised with the mentality that he needed a college education to succeed. Shawn went to college and got a good job with one of the Motor Companies.

Looking back, Shawn notes that he exhibited traits of an entrepreneur at a young age, selling candy as a kid, but it didn’t resonate with him then that he possessed an entrepreneurial spirit. However, he recalls that he was inspired by one of his favorite television shows, The Jeffersons.

Despite his good, comfortable job that made him almost $100,000 a year, Shawn could tell it wasn’t going to provide for the life he wanted. Shawn realized early on in his career that if he really wanted to pursue his dream, he needed to start his own business and began his entrepreneurial journey.

Next Steps

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