Our Mission is to Impact One Million Entrepreneurs in the Next Ten Years

Why was Entrepreneurial​ Leap created?

If you are an entrepreneur-in-the-making, you’ve come to the right place.

Entrepreneurial​ LEAP is devoted to helping entrepreneurs-in-the-making understand their genetic makeup and give them a huge jump-start, along with a clear, simple path to fully realize their potential.

In the words of Danielle Kennedy, “We teach what we needed the most.” When Gino was an 18-year-old entrepreneur-in-the-making, he felt lost, confused and different from most of his friends. Looking back, it would have been great to have something to show him what he was, as well as to have something that would provide him a path to becoming what he was born to be—an entrepreneur.

How can you help an entrepreneur-in-the-making in your life?

In addition to directly helping entrepreneurs-in-the-making, Entrepreneurial​ LEAP is also designed for anyone that has an entrepreneur-in-the-making in their life. It will help you help them. If you are a parent, relative or spouse of an entrepreneur-in-the-making, Entrepreneurial​ LEAP will help you understand and encourage them. If you are an educator, mentor or coach of entrepreneurs-in-the-making, this resource is intended to make your work a little easier.

“An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.”

Reid Hoffman

The Content

The mission of Entrepreneurial​ LEAP is to find all of the entrepreneurs-in-the-making, at any age, wherever they are—in school, in the corporate world, retired, unemployed, in the military, and so on—to help them realize their purpose and live the life they were born to live. The Entrepreneurial LEAP content helps entrepreneurs-in-the-making in three parts:



Helps you confirm that you either are or are not an entrepreneur-in-the-making. Because unfortunately, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.



Gives you a glimpse of what your life can look like if you pursue your natural-born ability.



Shows you the path to expedite your journey. The path is designed to help you avoid many of the barriers and mistakes that are common when taking your entrepreneurial leap.

How can you support this mission?

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