Do You Feel Stuck or Uncertain About Your Entrepreneurial Leap?


Have you thought about starting your own business? Do you struggle with finding the answers and creating a plan? Do you feel stuck, unclear, uncertain?

Founder and CEO of RESSCO, Shawn Stafford, talks about his own entrepreneurial leap and the preparations he made in order to ensure his success.

When he was younger, Shawn never recognized his own entrepreneurial traits. He took the expected path of going to college and getting a good job. While he was working for one of the Big Three automotive companies, he realized that his position wasn’t going to get him the freedom in life that he wanted.

From there, Shawn started making preparations for making his entrepreneurial leap, laying the groundwork for his exit from corporate America. 

Watch this week’s video to learn more about Shawn’s journey, how he got started, the mistakes he made along his path, and the knowledge he’s passing along to help new entrepreneurs get a jumpstart when taking their leap.

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